Nosy Be 

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4-day cruise 


Around Nosy Be and its sister islands: Tanikely, Lokobé, Nosy Komba and its lemurs, Nosy Faly, Nosy Fanihy, Andilana, and Nosy Sakatia where you will spend the last night 

6-day cruise 


Discovering the South Nosy Be is located in a large natural bay full of islands and anchorages whose diversity is matched only by beauty. You will have the opportunity to make a big tour with the program: Nosy Tanikely (natural marine reserve) where snorkeling is very advisable, the Bay of Russians very well sheltered site which has had a turbulent past, Nosy Iranja beautiful pair of Islands forming only one at low tide, Baramahamay, Nosy Kisimany where you will anchor for the night in the crater of an old volcano, Nosy Mamoko. You will return to Hellville by touring Nosy Be through Nosy Komba to meet its lemurs, Nosy Faly, Nosy Fanihy, Andilana, and Nosy Sakatia where you will spend the last night 

7-day cruise 


In the Mitsio Archipelago, north of Nosy Be. You will pass between steep islets which shelter many colonies of frigates (the birds, of course), will have the opportunity to visit Nosy Tsarabanjina, and Nosy Mitsio the largest of the islands of the archipelago. You will also dock on Nosy Ankarea and Nosy Lava. All these islands are home to multitudes of fish swimming in turquoise water. You will continue then to the North and Cap San Sebastián to discover its surrounding islands. This last stage however depends on the meteorological conditions, the wind becoming stronger sometimes at the approach of Cap d'Ambre, in the North of Madagascar. 

7-day cruise 


In the archipelago of Radamas, south of Nosy Be. Islands virtually uninhabited, turquoise water, beautiful anchorages, .. nature will offer you what it has more peaceful and more beautiful. After a first anchorage in the Bay of Russians, you will land on Nosy Iranja, regularly appearing in the ranking of the most beautiful islands in the world. After spending the night in Baramahamay, near a small fishing village, whose inhabitants will bring you their crabs and their fish, you will continue to scrape the chain of islands of the archipelago: Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Ovy, Antany Mora, Nosy Saba, Nosy Lava, ... alternating the discovery of islands and dream anchorages 


9-day cruise 


Including the previous 7-day cruise in the Radamas archipelago and extending it south to the surprising bay of Moramba, a small "Halong Bay" where baobabs grow in quantity on islands, directly at the edge of the water, and you will visit the lemurs living in freedom.